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Fire Facts

Security/Fire Protection Facts
Santa Lucia Preserve (SLP) / Monterey County Regional Fire (MCRFD)

SLP lies within the MCRFD and has an ISO Rating of 3


Wildfire Cameras

The Preserve recently installed a second set of ALERT California cameras (previously known as ALERT Wildfire) on Hall’s Ridge (the first set is located on the Peñon Peak fire tower). Both sets of cameras have been integral in monitoring nearby fires and confirming smoke checks. The two new cameras can be viewed here: HallsRidge 1 & HallsRidge 2). 


Security Staffing/ Hours of Operation

Security response 24 hours / 7 days per week.  Two (2) Security Patrol Officers on property (on-call 24 hrs. / 7 days per week).


Fire Station

The location of the primary fire station is at the New Corporation yard, 121 Rancho San Carlos Road, Carmel, CA. This location is strategically located within five (5) miles of the majority of Preserve addresses and response time is under fifteen (15) minutes. MCRFD mid-valley station is less than five (5) minutes response time to our front gate.


Fire/Medical Response Personnel

A Paramedic/Firefighter is assigned to the Preserve from 9 am – 4 pm daily / 7 days per week. Three (3) trained firefighters serve in rotations from 5 pm – 9 am / 7 days per week. Support and training provided by MCRFD. Five (5) SLP employees reside on property and serve as First Responders for fire and medical emergencies with one person certified as an EMT. The Preserve is also supported by an eight (8)-member volunteer Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT).


Fire and Fuels Management Specialist – a new full-time staff position at the Preserve establised in 2021

The Fire and Fuels Management Specialist works under the Community Services District with core responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Serve as fire liaison and establish and maintain existing relationships and communication protocols with fire agencies such as CAL FIRE and Monterey County Regional Fire District for emergency incident preparedness.
  • Support the planning, development, modification and implementation of the Fire Safety Program, wildfire pre-planning strategies, on-site prescribed burn programs, fuel management standards, community engagement initiatives and emergency operation plans.
  • Coordinate the establishment of a Preserve-wide nationally recognized Firewise Community and manage the continuity of the certification status.


Fire/Rescue On-Site Equipment

  • Type II (2) Wildland/Structural Engine – 650 gallons, 500 GPM pump
  • John Deere 700 XLT Dozer (owned and operated by SLP
  • Seven (7) Enforcer portable foam units installed in patrol/operations vehicles


Water Distribution

Each lot has accessibility to a fire hydrant located within 1000 ft. of the primary residence. Fire flow is provided at a minimum of 500 GPM (gallons per minute).



In order to ensure adequate fire protection, all buildings designed for human occupancy, and structures larger than 500 square feet, including garages, must be equipped with residential fire sprinkler systems conforming to NFPA 13-D and be equipped with an automatic fire alarm system connected to a 24 –hour monitoring service.


Residential Fire Clearing

In cooperation with the MCRFD and the Santa Lucia Conservancy (SLC), SLP would propose the following when fire clearing is necessary:

  • Preliminary meeting on site between SLC, SLP, Homeowner, Insurance representatives and MCRFD Representative.
  • Adherence to Lot Specific Fuel Management Plan
  • Annual Defensible Space Inspection (LE 100) conducted by MCRFD