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About Us

Our Mission, Functions, Board & Committees

 The Santa Lucia Community Services District's mission is to provide the residents of the Preserve Community with water, sewer, security, road, storm drain and refuse services as authorized by the California Government Code sections 61600 et. Seq. The District receives operating funds from supplemental tax assessments and direct charges for services. The financial goals of the District are to ensure responsible management of annual operating costs and the buildup and maintenance of appropriate reserves. In administering these responsibilities, the District strives to provide services in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible while identifying and considering the unique needs, concerns and opportunities within the District. Essential to accomplishing the objectives is the selection, training, motivation and retention of qualified men and women as service providers.

General Management Functions

  • Annual Budgets Prepared and Submitted to County (by 8/1 annually)
  • Fee Schedules Adopted and Property Tax Assessments List to County (by 8/1 annually)
  • Accounting and Annual Audit to State Controller (by 10/15 annually)
  • Contract with Service Provider (Santa Lucia Preserve Company)
  • Insurance Coverage (policies with Special Districts Association and via Santa Lucia Preserve Company coverage)
  • Cash and Reserve Funds Management
  • LAFCO Representation & Assessment (group of all Monterey County Special Districts)
  • Long-term Capital Planning and Budgeting
  • GPS System Management for Engineering and Coordination w/ other Preserve Users

Additional Programs (as needed)

  • Coordinate Traffic Reduction Programs - Operate Traffic Management Association
  • Coordinate Provision of Other Utility Services / Monitor Technological Advances
  • Fiber optics and cellular phone

Board of Directors & Advisory Committee

Residents living and voting in the District elect the Board of Directors of the Santa Lucia Community Services District in a public election.

A Citizens Advisory Committee for the District provides broader input to the Directors, particularly on behalf of non-resident owners.