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We are committed to providing the highest level of safety and security to our Owners, their Guests and Employees of the Santa Lucia Preserve. We will strive to implement the most innovative means to provide ingress and egress while providing a safe, secure community in which to live and visit.

The objective of the Security Department is to provide service to the residents, employees and visitors of the Santa Lucia Preserve by protecting life, property and their assets.


Residential Security Programs

Initial Resident Meeting

A scheduled meeting with a Security Shift Supervisor upon acquiring occupancy for your Preserve residence to discuss security needs and concerns, identify emergency shut-offs, outline emergency evacuation procedures, etc.

Roadway Patrol

Routine patrol of all SLP roadways. Patrol maintains traffic safety, rate of speed and takes note of any unusual animal activity, roadway problems, traffic hazards, piloting needs, notes any unusual activity pertaining to Preserve property and litter control. The patrol patterns cover the entire Preserve.

Gate Maintenance

Daily inspections of all gates. Security performs minor maintenance & contacts the vendor for any major repairs.

Home Security Checks

While you are away from your Preserve home, you may have Security access your private property and inspect the condition of your driveway, Homeland and the exterior of your residence (interior upon request) to identify any security problems or potential external issues. These checks can be scheduled to your comfort level and a status report will be completed and sent to you after each inspection. Please contact Resident Services to schedule.

Storm & Earthquake Checks

During storms and after an earthquake Security will inspect the condition of the Homeland, including culverts and the exterior of your residence and out buildings. If immediate repairs are required and you have an emergency authorization service agreement on file with Resident Services, Preserve Operations will perform the emergency repairs to stop further damage and will report to Resident Services. Resident Services will notify the homeowner and can obtain estimates for complete repairs.


Security Alarm Response

The Gatehouse (6:00 AM – Midnight) or the on-call Security personnel will receive notification from your alarm company if an alarm is triggered. The alarm type will determine the response:

Fire Alarm

When a fire alarm is activated, the alarm company will immediately call 911 and alert the Fire Department. The second call will dispatch the Preserve. Security will:

  • Notify the Gatehouse to open the main gates and any other SLP gates that lead to your home
  • Dispatch on duty and volunteer personnel to your home
  • Open any gates/doors as needed
  • Assist in whatever capacity we can
  • Having a key to your residence may help prevent any kind of forcible entry or unnecessary damage to your home in the event of an actual emergency.

Intrusion Alarm

First Alarm will notify the Preserve of any activity in your home after your alarm panel has been set up. Security will respond to your home and once there:

  • If there are no visible signs of an intruder - Security will walk the perimeter and check for signs of intrusion. If there are none, we will reset the system and secure your residence provided we have the key and codes to your home. We will notify you in the manner you’ve requested. If we do not have the key and codes to your alarm, we will contact Resident Services. They will try to contact you. If they are unable to contact you, the alarm company will then try (there may be charges for this service – please consult your contract with the alarm company).
  • If there are signs of entry to your home – Security immediately call the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office. We will record as much information as staff safety permits.

‘Trouble’ Call

First Alarm will notify on duty personnel of any trouble in your system. This is not an emergency alarm, more of a maintenance issue. Often with storms and high winds there could be fluctuations in the circuitry or water getting into the detectors. Also, wire or any kind of equipment malfunction, or a low battery will cause a ‘trouble’ signal. There are two responses:

  • If we have the key and alarm codes to your home – Security can check the perimeter of your home, secure any open doors or windows and reset your alarm. We will notify you in the manner you’ve requested.
  • If we do not have the key and alarm codes to your home – Security can walk the perimeter of your home and report to Resident Services. They will notify you of a disturbance in your home and you may contact the alarm company.


Evacuation Procedures

  • If it is safe to stay in your home- do so
  • Stay calm & wait for Security and /or Fire to contact you
  • If the Clubhouse is not a safe place or you have been directed to the “Resident Assembly area” proceed to the parking lot behind the Event Barn



  • Remain calm. Do not attempt to immediately evacuate
  • Find shelter and avoid places where heavy objects can fall on you
  • Follow any instructions given by authorities
  • If it is safe to stay in your home do so, if not feel free to go to the Hacienda
  • Stay calm & wait for Security and/or Fire personnel to contact you
  • If you have been directed to the “Resident Assembly Area” proceed to the parking lot behind the Event Barn


Medical Emergencies

  • Call 911 (or have someone do this for you)
  • Call the Gatehouse at 831-620-6750 to notify them of Emergency Response coming (so they may assist in directions & prepare the Gate)
  • AEDs (automated emergency defibrillators) are located: Gate booth in the Gatehouse, Concierge desk in the Hacienda, On the east interior wall in the lobby of the Fitness Center by the fire extinguisher, Guest Services office in the Golf Clubhouse, 4th Hole Comfort Station, 12th Hole Comfort Station



  • If you come across a fire call 9-1-1 immediately – even if you think it may have already been reported or it appears to be extinguished
  • Contact the Gatehouse at 831-620-6750, if possible to notify them of Emergency Response coming (so they may assist in directions & prepare the Gate)
  • When a fire alarm is activated- Security will respond appropriately – they will not ever assume it is a false alarm
  • Establish and follow evacuation procedures
  • Designate a safe meeting place for family and guests
  • DO NOT under any circumstances go back into a burning building
  • If the fire can be contained with an extinguisher and one is available, use caution and pull the pin, squeeze the handle and sweep the area



If you see something suspicious:

  • Do not attempt to apprehend individual(s) you suspect of committing a crime
  • Watch and record as much information as possible
  • Stay a safe distance away and secure a safe exit route
  • Call 9-1-1
  • Call Security at 831-620-6750 to notify them of your location to dispatch assistance



  • When storms hit the Preserve, Security has protocols set up to ensure the well-being of our Owners, employees and the Preserve facilities
  • If there is any kind of concern, do not hesitate to contact the Gatehouse
  • Use the USGS or Weather Channel websites for pertinent storm information
  • If there is any amount of water accumulation or damage to the buildings please inform Resident Services so that they can send Maintenance or Security
  • Contact Resident Services to arrange for ‘storm checks’ of your residence


Traffic Accidents

  • When coming across any kind of accident be sure that you are in a safe area/position to pull over before doing so- it’s nice to help but you do not want to become part of the situation or a victim yourself
  • Please make note of where you are, if there are any victims (if so how many/age?) what is involved, the conditions they are in (off a cliff/on fire) and call 9-1-1
  • Stay available on scene as the reporting person if you have any information that may help medical/security/fire responders
  • If you have access to a Ranch Radio use channel # 5 to report “Emergency Traffic”
  • If you are not medically trained, please help us by staying clear of the scene for the safety of all involved


Standard Operating Proceedures

Security SOP Final 7 1 22.pdf