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Road and Drainage Maintenance

  • Maintenance of Paved Road System (excluding driveways, including sweeping, debris/litter pickup, cut/fill edges, mowing/clearing vegetation beside roads)
  • Maintenance of Signage and Safety Improvements (including reflectors & posts)
  • Maintenance of Certain Unpaved Infrastructure Access Roads
  • Maintenance and Annual Reporting for Drainage Structures Adjacent to Road System


Solid Waste Disposal

Establish Contracts and/or Programs for Solid Waste Collection and Disposal

  • Non-recyclable garbage
  • Commercial Box Pickup (post-construction)
  • Recyclable materials
  • Green waste

Operate Green Waste Deposit Site (or sites)
Monitor Compliance with County Solid Waste Management Plan

The Santa Lucia Community Services District contracts labor needs for road and storm drain maintenance from Property Operations, which is a department within the Preserve Company.