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Waste Management

Since 2007, The Santa Lucia Preserve has contracted with Waste Management Inc. (WM) for waste collection and off-hauling of garbage and recycling. The sheer magnitude and geographical spread of our property, not to mention the length of the majority of driveways on The Preserve, provides unique challenges that WM has absorbed, and over the years, continued to maintain quality standard service levels. Due to many factors, WM recently brought a significant price increase to the Community Services District (CSD) for consideration to continue waste collection at the individual residences. The new proposal, an increase of 44% to the current monthly rate, caused the CSD to consider a new service offering for Preserve homeowners.


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Beginning July 5, 2022, the CSD will provide and service the waste collection at each residence. A four-year veteran on The Preserve staff, Brad Langley (pictured), will be the primary attendant servicing our customer base. The route and pick-up schedule will remain the same as is currently in place.  

  The following rates will apply to your monthly SLP statement:  

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The majority of Preserve homeowners are currently being serviced by two trash receptacles and either one or two recycling receptacles. Through an arrangement with WM, the cans you currently have will stay the same and simply transfer over as CSD property. However, we can modify this upon request. 


Our community goal moving forward will be to increase recycling efforts by reducing weekly trash receptacles to one per household. As well, the collection of food waste for residential customers will begin in January 2024. The district will be purchasing collection cans for food waste in 2022 with the intention of starting trial food waste pick-up in early 2023. This cost is built into the monthly rate. 


Additionally, with the enhancement of our compost program at the New Corporation Yard, proper disposal and processing of residential food waste will be compliant with the regulations outlined in SB 1383. Our long-term objective is to incorporate composting in Preserve landscapes and pasturelands. Look forward to more information on this program in the near future. 


The Community Services District has purchased equipment for this endeavor. This includes two compactors located at the Corporation Yard. Waste Management, by separate agreement, will continue to be our off-haul service provider. Currently, WM must recycle 75% of all tonnage collected. By performing in-house collection, we will not be exempt from recycling or food waste requirements. These mandates fall on the collection companies, but the resulting expense in non-compliance trickles down to the customer. We on The Preserve should be stewards of the environment in all areas, and promote recycling and food waste composting as much as possible. 

On a weekly basis, your waste will be picked up by a Santa Lucia Preserve (SLP) staff member in an identified SLP vehicle. This will provide you and your guests with the assurance and security value similar to other services provided by our staff. 


We are experimenting with compostable trash bags to replace the plastic currently used. We believe this will be an essential improvement to encouraging a more environmental approach to waste collection.


Our customer support team will be available for you Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Upon request, extra trash or recycle pick up is available Monday through Thursday for a nominal fee. 


The service fees will be reviewed each year and only increased as necessary. 

The Community Service District will continue to manage this important service and strive to provide a waste collection service worthy of The Santa Lucia Preserve.